Monday, April 15, 2013

All You Need Is Love

“This world must be coming to an end.” This though has crossed my mind far too often lately. In the span of merely nine months, we have witnessed a crazed man turn a midnight showing of a comic book hero, into unspeakable carnage and tragedy. We watched as another estranged man took the lives of so many innocent children and their teachers; an act that supersedes understanding. And now today, on “Patriot Day” in Boston, evil has again reared its ugly head.

The images that flash across the screen are horrific as they always are; scenes of utter bewilderment and confusion; scenes of grief and overwhelming sorrow. And we sit here with our eyes glued to the television, wondering “who?” and “why?” and “Is anything safe anymore?”

But even the purest of evils cannot escape the loving embrace of humanity; of first responders who run towards chaos, forfeiting any idea of personal safety in order to help their fellow man; of the supposed runners who finished the grueling race only to proceed to area hospitals to give blood, to give life; of the Bostonian people extending a helping hand to those without a place to go amidst the chaos. Far outnumbering the cries for justice and vengeance, are the wishes of love and prayer for those affected.

I will never understand how anyone would have so little happiness and love in their life that they would want to take the lives of innocent human beings. But much more astounding, is that love can prevail so strongly in the face of these events. Just as even the smallest beacon of light can destroy the deepest darkness, love will always prevail over hate. So in the coming days, do not voice your shouts for those responsible to be brought to justice; instead voice the shouts of your heart. Show the city of Boston and the families of the injured and killed that we are here to support them in any way possible. Show them that we love them. Because no war or execution will ever rid the world of these types of events. The only way to prevail is through love. 

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